Merge/Combine PDF Export

Hello again,

I have created a script that exports selected sheets to PDF, now I want to merge the PDF and rename it to “Project Name”+ “_EST”. I have prepared everything but have come across this error:


Script here:

PDF_Export_1.6 w python filter.dyn (38.3 KB)


  1. I suspect the PassThrough node may not be giving it enough time? Is there an alternative method using nodes?


  1. Is this possible within the python script (ie. combine, and save to same file location, with same file name but with suffix “_est”), where it exports the pdf in the first place. I don’t really need individual sheets, just the combined one?

I’ve tried to combine the export from the examples below from @SeanP (thank you btw), but honest I have no idea where to put the opts. commands…

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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Hi @Dynamo_Ann,

Depending on the number of sheets to print, one PassThrough node may not be sufficient. You must then add a Thread.Pause to be sure that all the pdf files have been created.
That said, I have already added in the ExportPDF node of the Genius Loci package the ability to combine the sheets between them. (input Combine)

PDF_Export_1.6 w python filter V2.dyn (41.0 KB)

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They need to go before the export code and just stack each one that you want to set.

opts = PDFExportOptions()
opts.Combine = True
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I love dynamo. It allows you to customize revit functionality. At the same time, there are often add-ins which are must-haves.

I recommend downloading diroots pro sheets.