Mep openings on walls

Hy all, Im new in dynamo , I followed a tutorial for mep elements in a youtube channel…It works perfect in Revit 2019 but doesn´t work in revit 2020. The script uses two nodes from packages and I think the problem is the spring node Springs.Ho

stedInstance. version . Is there a similar package for dynamo 2.3 ?

We can’t read your nodes due to the resolution of the export. Use the export canvas as image function (camera looking button just outside the top right of the workspace) after zooming in so you can clearly read the node names and inputs. Expanding your previews also helps.


I think if you download the file is possible to see the nodes name

Yep - they are there in the new post. :slight_smile:

However nothing here indicates the graph is having any issue, or that there is any way to see what the issue is, when run in 2021. The springs node in question does work just fine for me in 2020.

When I run the script in 2020 the node in question returns a null value

What about the nodes before it? Anything null upstream will often impact downstream results.

Thanks for your help Jacob, when I experiment trouble, I close dynamo and reopen it and everything works fine…strange but its true

My guess is the selection was the failure based on your original picture. That’s a guess though. Glad you’re all set though. :slight_smile: