MEP_Generate Electrical Conduit Automatically

I planning to create automation for electrical conduit. My scripts was to select element (SSO) and create a line that connect to cable trench at the middle then generate the conduit with elbow.

However, the script only manage to displays the line but failed in generate the pipe. Anyone know what i did wrong here?

My intention

01 Select element (SSO) and connect to the cable tray.
02 Get the height different (z2-z1) to get the height from SSO to cable tray.
03 Once the line was created (height and length from SSO to cable tray) , i then select an element (conduit type) to auto generate the conduit.

Hello @TTLM and welcome here in our community…

could you share you rvt file as well…


Thank for the replying. The link file (rvt) and the image i put in the sharelink (we transfer) as the forum not allow to attached due to the first registered user.

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allright…look like you just had uploaded a dyn file and an image