Mechanical Equipment Family Populate Instance Parameters from Excel

I have about 150 VAV boxes in my project. I would like to auto-populate the GPM for each individual box from Excel. (There’s no problem reading the GPM from the Excel spreadsheet). Each VAV box has a unique Mechanical Equipment Number. I would like to import all the VAV boxes, sort them by their respective equipment number and then fill in the GPM.

  1. How do you retrieve the Mechanical Equipment number? It doesn’t show up in the Get Family Parameter node.
  2. How do you retrieve the GPM? It’s also not listed in the Get Family Parameter node.

I’m new to the Dynamo and forum so it doesn’t let me upload what I’ve tried so far. Thanks for the help!

I think that the issue you’re having is with the type of parameter you’re calling. If i’m not mistaken the mechanical equipment number is an instance parameter not a family type parameter. Try using Element.GetParameterValueByName instead and see if that straightens things out for you.

Best of luck.

That worked to get the GPM and Equipment Number! Thank you!

I had been using the Element.GetParameterValueByName node but was feeding it the wrong information. Once I went from Family Types to FamilyInstance.ByFamilyType to Element.GetParameterValueByName it worked great. Thanks Jacob!