Matching list with another


i am very new to Dynamo! so i would like to ask your help!
could anyone suggest how i can match one list to another one?
for an instance, here in the attached photo, from one list i got the value 70,320,820 and i would like them to match with the other list which has 4 values. thus, 70 goes to 0,1,2,3 and again 320 goes to 0,1,2,3, and 820 goes to 0,1,2,3. so i will get the values 12 at the end. 4/4/4
Hope you understand what i mean… !

What action do you want to perform?

i want stirrup curves to be placed at a certain point. so stirrup consists of 4 curves (here indicated in no. 1) will be placed at 70mm and next one at 320mm and the last one 820mm.

By playing around with the lacing of the node doing the action and playing also with list level you should get there.

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