Matching a Color by string, to a Color in Dynamo that Overrides Graphics


I have a list that is of all the colors I’ve assigned to each object from excel. I want to be able to tie the list to another list that has the specific colors assigned to each value to override the graphics in Revit of the space blocks. How could I accomplish this by overriding the original values from excel with the values from the new color list I’ve created in Dynamo? Thank you for your help!Example


Hi Brian,

If your looking to override colors for your spaces use “Element.OverrideColorinView” node. I am not sure if this is what your looking for.





That works perfect for the OP’s override question, nice job!


But for the replacement of the colors this should do it.








Also here’s a GIF of it in action



Kulkul and John,

Thank you very much for your help, this did the trick! I greatly appreciate your time on this!

Best Regards,

Brian D. Nickel