Match 1 List to another List

Hi, Simple question I think but I keep ending up at 0

I would like to match a list of pre-created Floor plans (latter all views but lets start with floor plans) to a list of pre-created Sheets. And then place the floor plans on the correct sheet.

I have Scripts that can Create Sheets to specific name, Script to create views with specific name and a script to add views to sheets however joining these together is annoying me. Lists are not logical in my brain…

Ideally with nodes no code but hey beggars cant be choosers.

In the attached I have list of Views and Sheets and the node I’m using to place Views on sheets

How do I match the list of views to sheets and pass them through to the plce.viewsonexistingsheets node.
I have tried list index of and get item at index with a boolmask but I’m lost

Thanks in advance

You should just be able to use GetItemAtIndex now that you have the indices of where the matching views show in the list of sheets (and vice versa).

Thanks But how? If i feed list a into list B or vise-versa they don’t match.

This should get you started.

Cheers man, You helped a lot. I was doing the total noob where I was getting index of string not the original sheets.

However the lists are still not sorted in the same order and thus not going to put the same view name on the correct sheet.

Image attached.

I constantly struggle with this and I’m sure its simple having list match up if they are not in the same order. I’m sure its basic but…

If you use GetItemAtIndex on both lists then you’re just flipping the list orders. Only do it on one list to match the order of the other.

You my friend are a star.

One of my problems was that the sheets and view list didn’t have same number of items so I couldn’t just grab items at index. to match both lists.

But thanks to your explanation I just cleaned both new lists of nulls. Repeated the process and hey presto it worked.

If anyone else is interested I attached my end graph. There may be a better way to get there but I got there.

Thanks Nick_Boyts