Massive solid

Hello guys!

Imagine that I have a box made with 4 walls and 2 floors, I’d like to unify these and more than that, that this new solid become a massive box, does anyone have a good idea to do that?

A simple to explain OOTB way to achieve this. :slight_smile:

  1. Extract the Solids from each element.
  2. Union these solids.
  3. Get the BoundingBox of this new unified solid.
  4. Convert the BoundingBox.ToCuboid to attain the ‘massive box’


I’d use rooms to fill the ‘box’ inside those and get its geometry. Much easier than trying to build a shape from multiple objects (assuming some of your rooms will probably be more complex and not suit bounding boxes).

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thanks for your reply, the problem with the bounding box, is that the geometry not always (actually almost never) is a simple cuboid

here is a pic of my geometry

I’d like that all the exterior faces to build a massive volume ,

i had a similar topic, but nobody answered. My idea was to get all external surfaces… … but the room was not able to get all exteroir faces, like “water”. It remains uncomplete even when room.volume is active.

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yeah, the idea is exactly that, the geometry needs to be considered just by exterior faces , a workaround is to create for each category an “Exterior” - Type… :frowning:

Nice would be to have a category like “water” to floot your project each surface that is in touch you can extract.

One idea is also to use RayBounce from Datashapes. to “ray” your elements get all external faces…

Can you provide a sketch of the intended resulting volume? It would be helpful if you display what this would look like in 3 perspective views, as to give us a clear understanding of what you are looking at achieving :slight_smile:

I can think of a few ways to get an overall Alpha-Shape (Concave Hull) that would essentially ‘wrap the whole object like a birthday present’ :gift: but I need a definition of the end goal.

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for example this water tower

i’d like to get the geometry “fullfilled” in the yellow area


From Room Geometry get Solid.Faces → From Sub Faces get GetBoundingElementFace() → Use Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces to create Solid.

Hope that helps!



Maybe this link can be helpful

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