Generic model to walls and floors


Hi Paolo , First of all I wanted to say thank you for the amazing package of civil connection that You have provided us
I am using subassembly composer to create a rectangular Tunnel assembly, in which I create a corridor in civil 3D and then export it to Revit using civil connection
I wanted to ask if there was a direct way in which I can convert these Generic model into Revit Walls and floors,
I have been using a lot of ideas and scripts but I came up with nothing
I am starting to believe that such a process can’t be done But I had to make sure from you since you are the best expert for such a topic
Thanks a lot

In the CivilConnection package there are two nodes you could use to model directly walls and floors: for the walls you need to have planar and vertical surfaces, this will generate basic walls and change their profile in Revit.
Be mindful that it can produce some weird results when two adjacent walls try to join to each other.

For the floors there is a workflow you could follow using the MultiPoint objects: they can define an ordered sequence of ShapePoints (each of which can be “referenced” to an independent feature line on a Civil 3D corridor) and then the sequence can be converted into a Sloped Floor or an Adaptive Component

Forgive me for asking but is there any Visual Script , I’m not that expert in dynamo and I didn’t get exactly which node to connect to which node

If instead you want to create the geometries of the tunnel elements but you are not so much interested in the category in Revit, I’d recommend you to use the Mass.ByShapeCreaseStations that generates loadable generic model families based on the free form and it gives you better control over the final geometry. It is much simpler then trying to create proper Revit walls and floors.

There are some examples on the CivilConnection GitHub repository civilconnection/Examples/Dynamo/2.0 at master · Autodesk/civilconnection · GitHub

Thanks a lot Paolo, I really appreciate the help
I’ll check them and If you don’t mind I’ll contact you in case I had a problem , Again
thanks a lot for the great package provided

Subassembly codes

Hi Again Paolo,
I am trying to use the multipoint Script that you have provided me , I have no idea why the script isn’t able to read the codes of the corridor even though the subassemblies have some codes in them , and in civil 3d the corridor codes are there as shown in the picture , Any idea what can help ? or what am I doing wrong ,