Mark doors based on Function parameter

Hi All,

I’m new to Dynamo, and I’d like to create a script that allows me to assign a certain mark to doors based on a parameter.

The parameter that I’d like to use is the ‘Function’ type parameter. If its an interior door the mark should be d1 and if its an exterior door it should be D1. I believe I can make the prefix work, but somehow the filtering based on the parameter gives me issues.

How would I filter based on a parameter?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

After your Categories node, you need to connect an All Elements of Category node to get the actual Elements.


I think it’s Solved

Mark doors based on Function parameter Yannick.dyn (43.1 KB)

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I’ve tried opening the file but it seems to be corrupt?
I tried to change my original script to yours but I can’t seem to find the Elements.Type node? When I search for it, it won’t pop up?

Update to Dynamo 2.0 or higher. Note that all supported Revit versions work with 2.0.3 or if you’re using 2020 then 2.3 (which is tied to your Revit version).


Elements.Type node is from Archilab Package (Archilab.Revit.Element.Actions)

Mark doors based on Function parameter Yannick.dyn (43.1 KB)

I’m Using Dynamo 2.0.3