Map Room Properties to Generic Model Properties

Hello everyone. Very new to Dynamo. Trying to get some 3D rooms tags to “read” Identity Data parameters from my Revit rooms.

Downloaded the Rhythm package but want to use different tag geometry.

Need some guidance as in to what i get wrong in the script. Have a look. Many thanks in advance.

Version 1.2

John Tz

BIM Coord

Hi @i.tzivanidis ,

try this:

Thank you for your response @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi but it didn’t work… SHouldn’t the parameterName of the GetParameterValue… node have input to “read” the parameters?



@i.tzivanidis your list of parameters is entered wrong. Each parameter name needs to be between brackets: {“Level”,“Name”,“Number”}.
Brackets mark the beginning and ending of a string.

What list map does is that it feeds each element of the “list” to the function “f(x)”, one at a time.

Ooops. You are right @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi , but that is not the issue. still doesnt “read” the parameters :frowning:

From this version on wards List.Map and List.Combine could be avoided. When required, their functionality can be invoked by changing the Levels in the nodes

I agree with vikram, the OOTB node will work for what you want. I just assumed there was a reason for you to use the" type or instance " get parameter value node.

I haven’t looked under the hood of that code but strangely it doesn’t work with the rooms parameters you’re trying to get.

Thanks very much @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, @Vikram_Subbaiah.

Got it to work. Now one last thing…How can i get these properties mapped to shared parameters (Room Name, Room Number, Room Lvl) I have created to a Generic Model?



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If you set the lacing of getparametervaluebyname you don’t need the list map, like in Vikram’s screenshot:

To feed those values to other parameters you’ll first need to create a list of your generic models that matches your room list, and then use SetParameterByName with the appropriate lacing

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Any idea what node to use for mapping these two lists?



Just seen the last comment. Thanks a lot mate!!!

Last thing guys: Why the mapping doesn’t work? @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi, @Vikram_Subbaiah



@i.tzivanidis Firstly, you should begin exploring Use Levels available in ver 1.2 nodes as a substitute for List.Map and List.Combine

However, you can swap the connectors in the List.Combine node and see if it works