Manage start/end structural frame


I’m trying to model a celing structural frame only to sketch the model lines in the model;

The proplem is that i can’t manage the junction of the structural frame (see picture)

another problem is that i would isolate the points of each triangle to make a hangers above of this, but i tried to do by “end curve point” but i don’t know why i find other points in the lines.

To address the first issue, you will need to place structural connections (I just started looking at this feature):
There is also a Revit add-in for this:

For the second question, Curve.StartPoint gives me the points I expect. Some more details on your workflow could be useful here. See also on this topic:

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but i I would only that my structural frame follows the model lines , and then i can manage the start/end distance. Is it possible? or maybe do I have to change element type?

Here are some search results:

Springs.Beams.FixExtents from Spring Nodes seems to work for this…

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if you’'re not using the steel material or scheduling it I found changing the material to concrete works well too (cheat the software). Your connections look fantastic and you get really great images and renderings.

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