Manage a list with multiple element types








Hi Comununity,

Finally, I have got the list of the attached capture.

It contains “falses”, spaces and Air Terminals. The Space in index [26] contains two air terminals (index [37] and [38]. That I would like to do is:

  1. Remove all "falses"
  2. Find a way to create a relationship between each space and its Air terminals in order to extract parameter values and assign it to the terminals. E.G. get the assigned air flow to the space and divide it between the number of supply terminals.
Are there any way to create lists (or sublists) of spaces and its corresponding terminals?

Thanks in advance!




Hi Chema,

If you want to remove false use “Filter.boolMask”. See below example.

True false

For relation between spaces and Air terminal. Extract parameter values and assign it to the terminals. Dynamo uses (ft³/s) i just converted to L/s. See below example.

Air flow

Hope it helps :)

Good Luck!


File: spaces.dyn

Demo: spaces.rvt