Make the Doors Detect Nearby access control

Hi all,
I want the doors to detect the nearby Access controls In a radius of let’s say 1.5m from its center location and whatever they find from the access control families to put their names in the door comments parameter because in our firm we do have a parameter in the door schedule regarding the Access controls and push buttons… well I am still noob in dynamo but here is the steps that i followed but i stucked in the middle and don’t know how to continue.
Detect LV items.dyn (37.0 KB)


here an example

assign door from badge.dyn (29.0 KB)


hi @c.poupin
Thank you so much for responding…
It works just fine. but i wanna learn what is the purpose from the 2 code blocks you used

Here is a simplified version

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thanks mate I appreciate your efforts.