Loopwhile until intersection false

Is it possible to move this surface until the intersection is false with the line?

hi @vanman

can you share your dynamo code and a sample revit file?


Not sure how to get the Geometry translate to repeat

Can you share this dynamo file?

Change the way you think about this. Instead of moving until it’s clear, define what is clear and measure that distance, then translate the element by that vector. You already know in which direction you want to move the element.

@Bjorn_Keulemans1 hi Bjorn, the object is to move varying sizes of boxes off the line. Ultimately it will be a script that places a view and then moves it to a place not intersecting the boarder of a sheet or other views and then places another until its not intersecting

@blsalvio please see below :slight_smile: I’ve done this for now as an alternative in working towards the ultimate goal above.

Loop while till intersect false.dyn (24.8 KB)