Loop through List

If we filter by a single list, we can find a 2 trues on index 40,
but when I try a list of lists, they are all showing 3 Falses, I was expecting 2 trues again but on 33,34 &35.
I feel like it is a question of lacing or cross product or maybe list structure, but I’ve tried every combination I could think of.

ChangeFamilyType v0.05 aaA.dyn (116.0 KB)

Module Type Schedule.xlsx (9.1 KB)

@TurtleWolfe ,

it is still a list deepth topic

Keep in mind what you’re actually asking versus what you’re expecting to be returned. If you’re asking “Does this list contain any of these 3 individual items?” your answer is going to be “Yes (or No) this list does (or does not) contain this individual item.” It returns information on the individual items, not the list you’re checking them against. If you want to know which of your values in the main list matches a specific item, then you’re actually checking to see which items in the main list are contained in the list of individual items.

From there, you can modify the list levels if you need to know specifically which items match.