Looking for a freelance Dynamo Revit Guru

Hi Team,

I am in need of a Dynamo Revit freelancer to produce a working Dynamo script for use by my Revit team.

My team is migrating AutoCAD office floorplan drawings into Revit, and we want to maintain the current workspace numbering standard with Dynamo script. Space names are designated on a 2’ x 2’ grid system by quadrant, with the building center as the origin. The gridpoint closest to the center of the room designates the room name.
For instance - Floor# - N or S(grid#) E or W (grid#) will resolve to 8-N10E6 equivalent to 8th floor north of origin by 20’ and East by 12 feet.

Revit 2019 w/ Dynamo 2.2
Revit model
Space type - Room, cubicle, workspace (multiple)
Building center as grid origin (0,0)
floor number

All Space name property updated in Revit model
no duplicate name check

Looks like this is a good starting point…

Is anyone interested?
Example room numbering from AutoCAD

Please end estimates to alex.biegel@hotmail.com


Hi there! My business offers freelance script creation.

I’ll send you an email shortly.