Looking for a built in category returner

Currently trying to create a script that returns the value of whatever built in category I choose to set it to as a string.

Would ideally be able to run on every furniture element in the model and be written in such a way that one could just switch out the name of the built in category and copy paste the python node.

When trying to use the builtinparameter enumeration, you have to use .get_Parameter(BuiltInParameter.ROOM_CALCULATION_POINT).

.GetParameters() uses the string that is on the right side (description). Right now, yours is trying to find a parameter that doesn’t exist so it returns an empty list.

It is generally recommended to use .GetParameters() as it returns a list of all parameters with the same name, where get_Parameter only returns the first one it finds. But this also means that .GetParameters() returns a list so you have to either take the first one and hope there are no duplicates, or do some logic/testing to take only the one you want.

Here is an example:

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