Logical Parameter

Dear Dynamo Team,
I was looking for to do function to search “DHW” and prepare new list according to its number. Please see photo below:

Not sure what you’re looking for… question isn’t clear as you’ve cut of a portion of your graph. Can you use a camera export and post the full view?

Also to clarify, this isn’t the Dynamo development team (though they often check in) but a community of volunteers and enthusiasts. :slight_smile:

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Dear Jacob,
Script is to long and that is why i made screenshot to explain my problem.
Let me explain it here. I have one list with multiple values.
What I want is to check every raw and find DHW at each raw and give output with its number designated at list.
If you look photo carefully you will understand.


Not sure this is what you need but try string.split, string.contains, and filterbyboolmask nodes in that order. Lacing and levels may matter for the later two nodes.

Also camera exports will export even the longest most eleaborate script without issue.


Many Thanks Jacob