Loft adaptive section along polycurve guide rails


i’m new to Dynamo and Revit.

I am working with a road alignment and want to create a solid from the road centreline as well as the channel lines.

I have already done this actually, by creating surfaces and thickening them.

However, I want to explore the possibility of getting a crossing section and lofting/sweeping it along the alignment using the channel polycurves as guide rails.

I don’t know much about adaptive components but it sounds like this may be what I am looking for.

ideally I would like to create a simple rectangle, and set adaptive points at each of the top corners as well as in the middle and then somehow link these points to each of the three polycurves respectively?

Here are the three curves.

I see there is a solid by loft function but I have been having trouble understanding exactly how to use it.

Any help would be much appreciated!!

thanks :slight_smile:

This is just a rough attempt at what you might need… Once you have your curves you should be able to get all the points that you would need for placing your adaptive family. There is a little bit of manual input (highlighted in green) but you should be able to automate that too.

Here are the points you get back:

From there you should be able to place the adaptive family at each set of points.

Again, it’s just a first attempt but it should be enough to get you started.