Align two planes in the same family to a curve

Ok, here is the situation:

I need to create an adaptive family that adapts itself to a curve. There are two different sections in two different planes which i will use to make a loft, and each plane has to be normal to the curve every 12 meters.

As of now, i have created two different adaptive families with 3 reference points each one (as indicated in this post:, which generates 2 profiles in their correct 3d position in dynamo. I can loft them and i get my geometry.

My problem is that the geometry is a mass, not a proper family. I would like to know if there is any chance to use reference lines or 3+3, 6 reference points to create two planes.

I’m curious: Why don’t you generate your geometry in the AC family?

Well… that is somehow what i’m asking: how to do it :smiley:
When i join in a single host family my individual nested families with their individuals reference points… It works in the Family creator. I get a working geometry in the creator. But then in Dynamo those 6 points (3 from every family) don’t seem to work

First thing to test: Does the family work as intended when you place it manually in a project (e.g. hosted on curves). If so: You seem to be using the wrong component in Dynamo, if not: there’s likely something wrong with the placement point orientation.

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I kind of got around the problem generating my geometry inside of the family creator. It still doesn’t behave properly with 6 adaptive points, but i don’t have the time right now to check. I’ll keep you informed as along as i revisit the problem.

Thank u guys!