Location of surface (not revit)

You can get the target Revit element in Dynamo Revit and get its position in the Element.GetLocation node.
How to position the objects in the DWG loaded by Dynamo Studio
Should I get it? For example, it is more than one surface. How can I get the property value of the bounding box by placing a bounding box on each, but can you get the center of gravity, position, face direction etc of the surface itself?
I want to acquire it and rotate the direction to move it.
Thank you.

If i understand you properly you have a cad linked in your model with rotated faces objects and you want to place Revit elements on top of it with same angle of cad faces objects?

I appreciate it. Thank you for replying. I was not well organized myself. I will change the question a little and try to pick one by one. Or you may post a new one.
First of all, should the center of gravity of the surface be a polygon surface and get a polygon center? A planar surface works fine, but I think that there is a problem on a surface with curved surfaces. Is there a way to get the center of gravity without leaving the surface as a polygon?
Thank you.

Quick note: assuming the centroid is the center of gravity may lead to other issues. Information on finding the center of gravity can be found here: