Load dynamo files in menu

How can dynamo files be loaded in the menu to be able to execute them in a faster way

Hi @Christhian …you could take a look at Orkestra, think it works for civil3d as well…


Thank you very much and I tested it and if it was implemented in civil 3d but it generates problems;close the civil program when creating more script

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Alright…probably you should made a issue form at Github then…I cant check it as i dont have or use Civil3D,good luck

@sovitek Thank you very much for the reply

Hi @Christhian …Orkestra is upgraded now…probably it could help…

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If you know how to create a ribbon in Autocad then all you need is the command from the following post, just change the path to the right dynamo file.

Of course apply this to your company Customisation file to allow this to be applied to all.


@sovitek Thank you
@Brendan_Cassidy , si tambien lo probe funciona muy bien