List to Single String for 2.3

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for how inputs should be referenced in Dynamo 2.3? A lot of packages i use now have partially broken nodes, i’ve updated packages to their latest versions and still have issues so trying to resolve them myself but can’t seem to get it right.

E.g. this node List to Single String from Bakery, the input was broken so i’ve attempted to fix it, no orange or red errors but the node itself isn’t responding. Frustrating as 2020.2 forces you to use 2.3.


List to single string 2 List to single string

You can add List.Create and get same level.

Hi Deniz,

Are you saying to replace the the ‘List to Single String’ node with that or the ‘Flat List to List of Strings’?

before List to Single String add a List.Create to list them and then connect to Original Input

Unfortunately that didn’t work. I did try changing the input to be “Original: DSCore.List” as well but that hasn’t seemed to help either.

2020-02-24 10_45_42-Dynamo

Can you try var

Thank you Deniz, i did attempt that but no luck, it does seem though if i remove everything after “Original” in the input it allows the script to work.

Still trying to comprehend these changes in 2.3 to keywords as other inputs i have resolved have varied in terms of the method used.

try use List instead of Lists. Its the object conversion issue. If it still doesnt work, just use var