List Structure Issue

I am working on task which need to find the match item, and the result is shown above:

What I want to get a result is like this:

It will be great if you can point out what I did wrong.

@TCKEAHY so you want to pack every time the same Booleans to be false … false or true … true if you have more than 3 consecutive items in a list? Can I ask you what is the purpose of such thing?

The purpose is to give a list of repeated item by sorting of each unique item (i.e. those 3 family instance).

i dont know the purpose…

but i use schedule to see if some element is duplicated (for example, the same number)
when unique the item you can see very fast errors.

You could try the Set.Differennce node which should give you items that aren’t matching when using the correct list levels.

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@SeanP thanks

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