How to identify list matching elements?

Hi all
Can any one advice me here please.

Spend few days on it and cant get it to work.

All Im trying to do is select element (Family) get all elements within it.

Then I select all family’s in project filter them down to same level as above.

And then I want use my first list as filtering to go through all list in project to find the lists that’s contains (same list structure).

Can any one please advise me here


@dkeinys i cant understand properly but hope you are trying the below thing

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Thanks for your time

All I trying to do is only filter lists that have same elements if there is more in the list I want it to be as different list.

Say for example list (1…8) repeats so many times so I want to count how many times it repeats in main list.

Problem I have here is that its giving me True in different lists is that makes sense ???


You would have to do something like this.