List point of from property linr

How can I create a list of points of the corners of a property line(from revit)? thank you, I am stuck here for 2 days.
I’m planning to create a topography using those points.

Hi @LanggamanXavierMasse

Are you trying to get points from Property Line or do you want to Create Property line from points?

I am trying to get points from the property line.:disappointed:


Oh thank you so much, i didnt know Curve.Startpoint… i may have forgot that in past tutorials cause vids i search for doesnt directly answer the problem im saying. This is great

Glad that it worked out for you.
Eventually you will master all those nodes for sure!
Don’t forget to mark the solution so others can learn from your post!

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I tested it but the 4th line lies on the first one. hmmm

I’ve decided to just get the points by Curve.PointAtSegmentLength and use List Create after - so I tried to get each from a list but the List.IndexOf seem to have “-1” each node.

The 4th point overlaps the first as your curves changed direction when you drew them (ie: 1-3 go counter clockwise, 4 goes clockwise).

Instead of breaking apart your list and running into a problem of scale and list management (what of the property has 5 lines? 10 lines? 20? 462816?), try one of the following:

  1. Building a polycurve from the lines (Polycurve.ByJoinedCurves), then breaking that back into the original curves (Polycurve.Curves), then using a Curve.StartPoint, or Curve.PointAtParameter (using a parameter value of 0) node to pull the start points. This will have the added benefit of ordering your points in sequence - with some object types if you delete line 2 and redraw it you may see what I mean in the old version - which makes this my preferred method.

  2. Use a Curve.PointAtParameter to pull both the start and end from each point - feed it a parameter value of both 0 and 1 (List.Create, or [0,1], or 0…1 will do), and set your lacing to cross product. Flatten the list and use a Point.PruneDuplicates node to drop any duplicated values.

You should also run through the Dynamo Primer as many of these techniques are well covered there. Don’t skip any exercises though as you’ll miss the important stuff - even if you think you will never need to do the end goal run through them. It’s about the concepts used not the outcomes. That day or so it’d take you to do everything will save you days of time looking for answers as you will have a solid base to work off.


You are absolutely right. The mistake I took is I rushed this, I did dynamo exercises in the past but I didn’t retain many of them as I did some other things. My bad I set a goal for an output of a graph in a limited time I thought was simple. thanks.

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I second what @JacobSmall suggested.

Hope this helps!

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thank you it worked

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