List packages for geometry elements

Hello, I would like to know where I can get this kind of nodes.
Is there any package to manage geometry by filtering with list?

Thank you so much.

  1. The node you are showing is already included in Dynamo, although in the screenshot it has levels enabled and the lacing is set to Cross Product (XXX).


  1. How are you trying to filter your geometry? You can use many of the other default nodes like the ones shown below:

Using these along with some basic operators will allow you to filter data based on any condition you define yourself:

Thanks a lot. Regarding the first node I mentioned I have only xyz but there is no list level enabled, and I can’t chose the level of the list.

I’m using dynamo for civil3D, I don’t know if there is some differences.
Best regards

That is a very old version of Dynamo. Click on Help> about and post a screenshot showing your Dynamo window and the resulting dialog box.

Here is Jacob.
Is the version that is installed with Civil3D 2020

I have no choice with this node.
Thank you

Actually you do - click on one of the > symbols to the right side of the inputs and your list levels will be enabled.