List of variable point grids

I have a list sub-lists of varying lengths and want to create a series of grids from the cross product of each. I’ve tried several combinations of list levels and lacings but never seem to get it.

For a script that will give, say five rooms, will place a different grid of points for each one: let’s say 4 for the first room, 9 for the second, 16 for the third, 9 for the fourth, etc.

@steve.meyers Like this?..

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My apologies for not getting back to your sooner but my office was closed. I tried to replicate your process but end up getting an error at the first code block. What am I doing wrong? I get this result with Revit 2017 and both Dynamo 1.3 and 2,1


This is due to a conflict with another package on your system. You could be more specific as indicated in the error message…


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This might be a solution for centered squared grids. The grid is already centered on the room, you just need to define what’s the criterium for the grid size.

If you don’t what them to be centered, or rectangular instead of squared, you need to adjust it.

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