Date Mine - All Revit Schedule Names & Qty

I’m working on a Dynamo function that will provide a simple list of all the Revit Schedule Names and Count in a project. (I’ll be doing the same for Revit Groups, Qty Drafting Views, Imported Images at a later date for Revit Audits)

There is an issue with the References I’m not sure how to fix in the Python Script. (API I would just us “using System.IO” etc)

Also I don’t know of a way to get rid of the Input for Python… I just want a full list of the Schedule Names in the project, but I put something in as I tried to reference “Clockwork” package that had something similar but tied it to what was placed on sheets.


See Attached.




You can download Archi-lab package and use Get All Views node: It looks like this:



Perfect thanks Konrad!.

I’ll see if I can learn through your python code for future items I may look at.