List of repeted item by count - add seperate string to seperate keys

sorry if that title isn’t very succinct, I wasn’t sure the best way to describe this issue. So i am making a list of strings (as a sheet numbering convention) based on diciplines. This part works, but after I have this list, I need to number them based on Levels.

The wild card is that this is supposed to be usable on different projects, so the number of levels will not always be the same. So, so far I have the list repeating based on the count of the number of levels; I need to add a suffix to each list based on the level. (i.e. the 1st list in the image below i need to add .1 and the second list i need to add .2).

If this was a set number of levels i could just create seperate lists, and use the same number of “add suffix to string” nodes, easy piezy, but I am trying to figure out how to make this process loop based on the number of levels in the project.

I know thats alot to read - sorry, and thank you if anyone has any ideas.


I reworksed the script so the number variable will mirror the count and structure of the dicipline variable. I need these to merge into a single string by index to input as the sheet number for the “sheet.byNameNumberTitleBlockandViews” node. But I can’t get these strings to merge and hold the list structure.

Thank you in advance for your help!!

You ever have one of those moments that you know the facepalm was invented for??..

anyways thanks for everyone who looked at this… solution below if anyone else ever needs it: