List of quantities with their respective mass names

Hello !!
I have a mass volume which is of a building (shown in screenshot attached) and i wanna take areas of its walls. I have managed a script and i can get it but is their any possibility that its name is attached with its areas. For example List 0 is giving all wall areas of Mass 1 and List 1 as Mass 2 and so on but in the list its just areas with no Mass 1 or 2 written with it. In Simple if a building mass is of 11 individual masses and i am getting respective areas in 11 sublists but with no name and i need to attach name of Mass with respective sublist.
Also i have three similar building in same project and for every mass in project i have given a parameter so that to which building it belongs. Is it possible taking areas of all 4 building masses and then separate it through that one parameter which shows to which building it belongs
Below are screenshots attached.

See what you can gather in the parameters of the original select model elements node. Element.Parameters will help guide you.