List of parameters

Is there a node or method to get a list of all parameters used in a project?

I am starting a shared parameter file for us and need to see what parameters are used and what kind of units they carry. I hope this is possible :grimacing:

-John W

If you’re only after shared parameters look into the out of the box Parameter.SharedParametersFile node. The output of which can be turned into a file, and read and then parsed/processed in Dynamo as any other data type.

Thanks @JacobSmall, I will give that a try.

Is there an easy way to create a shared parameters file, or to add a lot of parameters quickly? I have only ever done it in the Revit interface and it took me a loooooong time to add 300+ parameters. For example; can you write them in excel with specific columns and unit variables, and then import them into a shared parameter file?

Or if you are doing that is it just easier to copy and paste that data into a .txt file?

Basically, I am trying to find the most efficient way to write a master set of shared parameters to cover multiple disciplines;
-Fire Protection/Life Safety
-Possibly civil but I don’t know how useful they will be in a Revit interface.

Ideally I want to have them combined into a single file.

If anyone has experience with this scale of a task, i would love to hear of your experiences.

Look into the “Add Shared Parameter To Project” node in the Archilab package.