List of lists one by one as input for execution

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I am dealing with a problem , feeding list of lists to feed for execution.

for example

i have lists
x = {{1,2,4,6,3},{a,d,c,d},{1,a,d,4,3,5}}

i need list of lists to feed one after other as input for another node.

this is the case

i need each list to be feed by one by one to the code block after execution of each list.

Use a List.Combinations node instead of a code block here, and set the level to @L2 and see if that gets your desired result.

Sorry guys was busy with other module,

Still working on this one,
@jacob.small the above code block works fine,

since the number of sub lists entering the code block are huge(like in above image its 69), it takes lot of time to execute.

very hard to guess if its working or not responding.

i just need a way to feed the code block with one list at a time

Like GetItemAtIndex and an Input Number Slider with the step value set to 1?

that will give me only the first list
i need this to repeat till all the lists are complete.

Yes, manually moving the slider for 0 to 69 may take some time with run set to Auto… there is definitely a better solution.

Can you share your .dyn?