List of add-ons doesn't match installed packages

Left list is the add-ons.
Right list is installed packages.
How come they don’t match? Any idea how to find which one on the right relates to Ampersand?

hi there,

Do you have any other dynamo version installed in your pc?



2.0.3 and 2.6.1

Check both in case you had installed those packages.



I have those packages listed on the left. I can use them… However they’re not showing up in the package manager.
Bakery is another one that doesn’t show up on the package manager.

There is a match for each, but the names do not have to correlate. On such example: BIM4Struc.ParkingLayout = BIM4StrucProjects.

The section in the library does not always correspond to the name of the package, but this is something the pa algae author can configure themself. :slight_smile:

But whyyyyyy…

Because it makes it easier for package maintainers and authors to manage and for users to navigate. Case in point, for the package I released for the AU session Alexandra Nelson and I ran last year, we wanted three separate groups in the library, allowing loading and testing of any individual subset without impeding the larger environment.

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Selfish. Thinking about themselves and not the end user. tuts

This is a joke btw… In case it gets lost in translation.

Well, that’s not true and not fair.

They share their knowledge for free and you call them selfish.

Think about it.



I thought it was obvious I was joking.
I thought I’d added a smilie. :no_mouth:

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