Custom Dynamo Package conflict with Revit Add-in when both dll have same Name

I am having a conflict with a custom package and a Revit add-in that have a .dll with the same name. I have created a ZT package for internal use with the CompanyName.dll that is loaded from a network location via Package Path manager. I have also recently created a small add-in for revit that is also CompanyName.dll.

When I open Dynamo, the package appears as it should in the list, but when I expand it out it has ALL of my add-in classes and none of the Dynamo nodes. If I remove the add-in, the package returns as it should with the nodes.

Is this the expected behavior and I should just assume I have to have different names?

This is the expected behavior unfortunately. Konrad Sobon made a great article that explains this topic in greater detail:

Your best bet is to rename one of the dlls (eg CompanyNamePlugin.dll, since the dll name does not have any effect on the way the plugin appears in Revit)