List Map Function - Detail Items insert layout in a drafting View

I am working on a graph to read data from excel, create new family types and populate family type parameters. Which I’ve got fine.
Next I want to layout an instance of the new families inside a drafting view. This is where I get stuck.
FamilIy0nstance.ByPointInView will not accept lists. Hence I’m trying to use list.Map to map the fuction.

If I use Point.ByCooridante(0,0,0) I get one instance of each family at (0,0,0).
I tried to make a list of points to feed as per graph below.

But this makes 4 instances in each of the locations.

Can someone help me with how to set these out… Ideally I’d like these to stack vertically depending on the size of each.

Hi @Justin_Wright

Here is my thoughts extract outer boundary of a detail family -> Get Top end points -> offset point on Y direction -> Place family.

how does that look in a graph?.
Does the family need to be placed to get its outer boundary?