List management with node (SetParameterByName)

Hi everyone,

Long story short. I need to for the node SetParameterByName work in certain order. I have an input of 2 families that have 4 parameters with the same name. I want the node to change those parameters with the values accordingly but the node refuses to do that for both families. Why…
test.dyn (3.5 KB)
Family2.rfa (248 KB)
Family1.rfa (248 KB)

Yuo need to feed elements to "Element.SetParameterByName, at the moment you put in Family Types:

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Doesn’t help. Gives this error: Warning: Element.SetParameterByName operation failed. No parameter found by that name.


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It’s working only if i’m making the parameters instance. With type parameters works my way. But that’s not i’m interested in. I want for the input elements the given parameters to be changed. So even if i have 100x families or types with 20 parameters/values. I want every 20 values of those 100x families to be changed accordingly.

it´s all about Types and instance:

if you have two types of columns and place them 500 times, you can set the height for every single column to what you want. If you need 500 types of columns, you will have to create the different columns as different types.

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I’m with you on this once, but that part about changing all of them, how do i do that?

to change type parameters try this:


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to change instance parameter try this.

Maybe you want to change all elements of the same category, not by selecting each type individually but all together?
If so please check the image below.

Hope this helped!

That is exactly what i want to do but not for one parameter but multiple. With multiple values. Maybe I’ve found solution myself. When i add levels to Parameters names and values the node does what i need. But it seems to work inconsistently.

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Hi Alex,
Not sure if im picking you up correct, but below is what ive used to set multiple parameters.
The link below is for my LinkedIn where i posted an article about setting multiple parameters.

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exactly what i wanted! Thanks :slight_smile: