List Management. How to keep the structure

Hello, again guys.

I’m having trouble with list management and sorting. I’m getting these connectors called “C_MEP_ElIn, MPEC_ElIn, C_MEP_Signal” from different scopes. I’m then placing an element on these connectors and reading those parameters and setting them in the new element. In the picture, you can see that only 2 out of 9 scopes are connected to a list (because of easier testing the script).

I’m then taking the Unique ID from these connectors and setting it to a parameter in an element with this ID.

When I’m then connecting more scopes to the list, I’m also filtering out which connector is already in the project and which is not (by comparing all the unique IDs from the connectors in the project with the parameter in the elements). Then I’m placing out new elements on the connectors who are new in the project.

The case is when I’m connecting more scopes to the list and by then updating/setting parameters to the elements that are already in the project (or new once). I can’t seem to filter or sorting lists so that the parameters from the connector are writing to the element that are placed on the connector.

Anyone out there who could help me?? :slight_smile:

WOWTEST_v1.dyn (158.3 KB)

Did it like this, and I think its working as it should :slight_smile:

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