Sorting list based on unique ID

Hi all!

So here is the problem. I have set a parameter called “NK_RNO_KomponentID” to be the unique ID for 14 generic models. And after a while, the amount of generic models is updated, so it is now 39 elements in the project.

Now I want to sort out all the new generic models, and do something with these later in the graph…I have tried so many different sorting list and been reading here in the forum, but nothing works…Its kinda strange, because I get out the 14 elements I have (by a filter list with string), but the once who are not matching are not coming out (just get “empty”).

Any suggestion here?

u can use “object.string” …don’t remember the right name of the node. Connect this node with var[…] and than check with == for identical strings.
After that use BoolMask.

Hm, thats not working either…Maybe because the range/lenght of the one who are compared to each other is different…

But then again, why would not this solution work (see picture)

Solved, like this: