List Logic, Parameter is not combining


I’ve tried to combine two parameters using a simple design script block.

Notice the index 2 addition process. It always returns null no matter how i do it, only for Index 2 in the list.

Can anyone answer why this is the case?

Note: Element.Name displays warning since its not processing null values.


@Dynamo_Noob I think you can always replace nulls with empty strings.

hello! thanks for the reply.

But it should not give null, it should give one of the parameters out.

You can see that for Index 2, there is one parameter and one null, it always only reads null and sends that out.

I need that parameter value to be given out.

Output needed for Index 2: "HRC 120 el. tilsvarende, "

@Dynamo_Noob concatenating 2 strings but they ought to be strings . So if you replace null with empty string beforehand, then the operation would be deemed as valid operation, empty string + another string whereas null + another string is not valid operation.

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Replace the nulls with “” before combining them. Adding something to Null is still Null.

And get rid of the brackets in the combine code block, A+", "+B should do it.

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Thanks @Bjorn_Keulemans1 and @jshial!

That worked. Didnt think of null as a string, i replaced them with " ", and it works now.!

That was silly. Thanks again!!