A silly Concatenate list problem

Overall my aim is to create a dynamo player script that combines two parameters which is then placed into another parameter (shame Revit can’t do concatenate in parameters). These parameters are either alpha or numerical so a simple “+” node doesn’t always work.
Where i’m having an issue is getting the two parameters to join from lists.

In the image I have list A & B, I can’t get the items at each index to join one another and make a new list which will be what I use to populate the new parameter. I managed to make I work using schedules which is what you see in the concatenate list. I tried joining them using a code block from a previous post but that wasn’t using numbers but with this code block decimals come into play.
Any thought or packages out there that can solve my problem?

use the string from object node to translate a numeric value into a string, then concatenate

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convert list items to strings first

Nvm. @Marcel_Rijsmus ninja’d me :sunglasses:


Thank you. Always something stupid.