List Logic Issues

I am having a problem with a certain logic on the lists.

What I want to do is to filter pipe systems and change the builtin parameter of the filtered elements. when I plug the filtered elements I am getting “Parameter not Found Error”.
My question is how can I retrieve the element ids of the elements whose condition is true?
I am uploading a tidiep up version of the graph.


Capture Change Piping system and material for Dynamo BIM Help.dyn (15.7 KB)

Please provide an image of the graph that has the Node labels visible. You may need to zoom in a bit in Dynamo to make sure they are legible.

However, a FilterByBoolMask may be what you need.

I am using ListFilterByBoolMask to filter for the elements I am looking for. However the problem seems to be the output from FilterByBoolMask reports that the filtered elements does not have the Inbuilt parameter after it has gone through the FBBM node. When the same elements are run unfiltered (through the FBBM) the parameter is found.

That seems to be the problem. Does the FBBM change element parameters/properties in the process?

Pls use the node Element.Parameters before and after the FBBM node.
Is there a difference in the result?

I have tried both and indivually adding the Element.Parameters it is giving various errors as per the video.

pls show whats in the export of List.FilterByBoolMask…use a watch node
there are no elements?
Whats says the yellow warning?

Can you access the mp4. video I could not cpature the error messages. I created a video on the link below the image.

The problem here is that you are trying to get “Parameters” of the parameters you are putting into the Filter. You need to put the Elements into the Filter node and not the Parameters.

Also, what BIP are you trying to set? This seems like an odd way to set a parameter to me and I would like to understand why you aren’t using a Element.SetParametereByName node?

I am chaning system type on some filtered pipes. I had not tried Element.SetParameterByName I assumed the pipes are system families therefore I needed to use the Parameters.SetBuilInParameterValues node. Since your comment I have tried using the Element…ByName node and I it gave errors not accepting the string based or number based parameters. However I have identified the problem as I was feeding in to Elements FilterbyBoolMask from another node intead of the actual elements.

Thanks for all your help!

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