List levels & lacing

Hi there.

I’m currently working on a script where i have to project point of an element to multiple coördinatesystems in that element. For each selected element(s) i created 4 coordination systems. I extracted the points from each element and need to transfer them to the 4 coordination system of the same element.

Which levels and lacing do i need in the node Geometry.Transform? I’m not good at this so this is quiet complicated for me.

As an example:
3 element
Each element has 4 coordinate systems
Each element has random amount of points points (4, 3 and 5 as an example)
Output should be:
list1 [cs1[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4], cs2[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4], cs3[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4], cs4[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4]]
list2 [cs1[pt1,pt2,pt3], cs2[pt1,pt2,pt3], cs3[pt1,pt2,pt3], cs4[pt1,pt2,pt3]]
list3 [cs1[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4,pt5], cs2[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4,pt5], cs3[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4,pt5], cs4[pt1,pt2,pt3,pt4,pt5]]

Can somebody help me?

Hi @Jens.Mrqn
I think you should try List.Transpose at Level 3, after your wrong node

Thanks for the quick respons @Francois_Labonne !

If i count the points per element and multiply it with 4 (coordination systems per element) and then add them to each other, then the total should be 212.

@Jens.Mrqn, look here:

Share RVT and DYN for fast help.

number of levels are not the same in your 2 screenshots, you should adjust levels of the inputs in the Geometry.Transform node

@Francois_Labonne They’re both 12 so that’s not going to change the outcome.

Right. But the Geometry.Transform node is working,in your graph, only on the first point of each list. You have to use another level .