List Legends and Schedules from Sheets

I’m trying to generate all the legends and schedules used in all the sheets from my project.
I’m running into issues when trying to filter out legends from the view as String from Object has error.

Anyone knows how should I go about it?
Search Legend.dyn (66.5 KB)


I guess you need to clean your list before using the string.
You can use the list.clean node for that:

BTW, re-open your script after running.

Hi, thanks for pointing that out.

I have run into other problems after cleaning up the list,

What I’m trying to do is to extract the “Legends used” and write it into excel file, or other wise identify a specific legend that I have used in my project. Anybody has any idea on which is the simplest way of doing that?

Amigo @punglikuang, I think you are messing up your code unnecessarily, it is true the first few times it is not very obvious how to use the If node, In the test parameter you must enter a true/false list delivered by a boolean operator (==, =!, etc.) example: [false, false, true, false] in the parameter true, you feed it with the value that you want that it delivers when the first list is true, the parameter false you feed it with the value that you want that it delivers when it is false, these values can be lists, I advise you that you play a little with the node so that you become familiar with it, I leave you an example I hope that it helps you with your script, Here is an example.