List Lacing & Level Question?

Anyone please guide me how to get result like this, thanks in advance.


+.dyn (4.6 KB)

Still not the result i want sir. I tried use cross product lacing but still not work.

sure there will be another way

a = [1..2,3..4];

b = ["A".."B","C".."D"];

c =  a@L1<2> + b;

t1 = DSCore.List.TakeItems(DSCore.List.GetItemAtIndex(c@@L3<1>, 0),2);
t2 = DSCore.List.GetItemAtIndex(DSCore.List.GetItemAtIndex(c@@L3<1>, 1),[2,3]);

t3 = [t1,t2];
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Wow, I have learned new things today ! Thanks a lot,sir. But I just wondering if we can just simply do something with level & lacing to get the result?

a<1><1> + b<1><2>;

add.dyn (6.9 KB)


the Code block one is working !!! Thanks.
but can you please explain why the code block is working because I don’t really know the meaning of them.

I’ve tried to explain it here
Hope it helps

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