List lace though multiple inputs

I’m trying to search through a list of views for any number of legends, then identify the sheets on which each legend appears. List.LaceLongest gets me the desired result when I feed it only one view. If I feed it more than one it overwrites the list, rather than producing two sublists, each with the boolean result for each view. I’ve tried (not shown) running list.LaceLongest through a (errors) and repeating the full view list before running it (boolean is done at the sheet level, rather than the view level). In the end I want to be able to identify all the sheets each legend view is on.

Try List.ContainsItem instead. Set the List Level to @1 if you want separate booleans for each view.

Thanks. It works for me in an empty file, copying what you’ve done, however as soon as I try setting it to @L1 it generates an unhandled exception (specified cast not valid). I’m not sure what might be causing the issue in my script.

Can you show what your graph looks like now?