Joining sub sublists

Hi, I cant get these sublists to join right. The list with dimensions is adding on below the tag sub list. Another solution would be to feed to categories into the SelecByCategoryAndView. I’m not sure if this is possible though. Tried with list create of the categories and lacing longest but dosnt really work

Someting like this?

no luck

Can you try to change the level?

addToSubLists.dyn (6.6 KB)

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no luck, trying insert node

Amazing! thank you

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Would you have a method for adding more lists to join?

what I can currently think of but its not correct.

I guess this works :slight_smile:

If the List structure is similar, the same definition should work irrespective of the count

Sorry i dont know how I would add multiple lists to the same definition but very curious or is it what ive done in my edited reply?

Not sure of your intent. I’d probably be able to address your query better if you could provide an example.
Adding multiple lists is similar to using the List Create node. But that would further complicate the list structure. It would be best to try to simplify the list structure wherever possible.

Its combining multiple similar list structures to join as those two did. If you keeped adding the same list structure that varies in where it has elements and joining more. I figured out a way with your method to add a 3rd list and I think could repeat to add more. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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Hello everyone!

Want to share my observation here. List.Combine with List.Join can be 1000x slower than List.Create with List.Transpose, if we have nulls or empty values in lists.

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