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Hi Everyone,

I’ve been stuck on this for awhile and can’t seem to find a similar/problem that I can reference to solve it.

Long story short, I have isolated a bunch of objects and modified them and got them into this list.flatten node. I’m wanting to break this list up into subcategories, where the polycurve is grouped under the StructuralPlanView above it. I’ll be drawing those curves on that specific view they are under.

Greatly appreciate any guidance/assistance.

Thanks in advanced.

How does the list look like before entering the List.Flatten node? Can you post an image for that?

Sorry struggling a bit here, This forum doesn’t allow me to upload any files since i’m a new user.
Otherwise i’d push the whole thing up to see.

List 1 is the views i want stuff created on and list 2 is the items to be created on those views.

The Polycurves go into list 2, then list 2 and list 1 have same structure and go into a creation node. I originally tried to work out how to do a direct swap with the polycurve and wall, but couldn’t so i used flatten & replace node to do it. Which then gave me the original post image.

I think I need a node that finds the word “Structural” then makes it a Higher node and moves objects underneath into nested. But when it finds the next Structural word it does it again. Then I can transpose that list and push it back into my creation node and it will work.

Uploading: Load Bearing hatches.png…

Could you maybe try uploading your file to an online file hoster? Like
I do not fully understand what your input is.

This is what you are looking for


Thanks for finding this, this is exactly what I needed.
I’m currently trying to add this to the script and see if it solves everything.

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Good Luck with that and Welcome to the Dynamo Community :smile: