List in dynamo dynamic

Good morning, I’m working with dynamo program, and now I have difficult.
I created a list with:
0) data

  1. provisional number of the spigol point
  2. coordinate x
  3. coordinate y
  4. ccordinate z
  5. Point of dynamo

I would need that the points with same coordinate (x,y, z) (same imput 5) have the same number in list 2.
The list is composite with progressive number, from 1 to number of element that I have in the list.
If one element is duplicated in the list 5, is value in the list 2 is the same for all duplicates values that now have different numbers

For example
List in collum, element in row
X 1 X X X point1
X 2 X X X point2

X 20 X X X point1
I would that 20 being 1
And like it all element in the list.

Thank you!

Hello @davidchivi

You can try with Group with Key value.
In your case your key value will be Column B and need to group the Point (Column F) & Elements.
Hope this will solve your problem.

Sagar jain

Thank you!
I resolved my problem with a python script.
The 2 collum increment the value when the element is new and when the element is’n new find the value in the colum